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1915 Çanakkale Suspension Bridge, Turkey
DLT Engineering were responsible for the design and supply of 8 No 450 tonne capacity main deck lifting gantries, the complete system of PPWS cable erection winches and rollers, 8 No cable compaction machines and 8 No cable wrapping machines. Our scope of work includes on site supervision and maintenance of all these systems.

Deck lifting gantry 450 tonnes capacity:
canakkale bridge gantry

canakkale bridge gantry

Gantry Self-erection on to cables:
canakkale bridge gantry

The Çanakkale 1915 Bridge is a suspension bridge in the Çanakkale Province in northwestern Turkey. With the main span of 2,023m the bridge surpass the Akashi Kaikyō Bridge in Japan by 32m to become the longest suspended span in the world when completed in 2022.

The temporary walkway and PPWS main cables were erected using the above erection winch system supplied by DLT Engineering. The system comprises two looped erection ropes, one for each PPWS main cable, with a pair of constant tension driving winches and rope reeling/unreeling drums for each erection rope. The two driving winches and rope reeler/unreelers for each looped erection rope were located adjacent to the main cable anchorages as shown in the video above. The erection rope was supported along its length using gallows frame rollers above the temporary walkway and roller wheel frames above the pier top saddles and above the splay saddles.

Compaction Machines:
canakkale bridge gantry

canakkale bridge gantry

Wrapping Machines:
canakkale bridge gantry

We have also supplied 4 No 4x60 tonne capacity hydraulic sling length adjustment systems for erection of the steel pylon sections. Click here for the details on our Hydraulic Sling Adjustment System
canakkale pylon erection