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Generator Installation Gantry
DLT supplied a 540 tonne capacity modular gantry for installation of generators / stators a Contractor in India. The gantry is modular to accommodate the geometry of each site and incorporates folding strand jacks to allow the generator and strand jack carriage to move together into the turbine hall without the need to remove a section of the overhead crane rail to provide extra headroom. The gantry is able to lift, rotate and move the generator into final position and incorporates both transverse and longitudinal movement systems to allow the generator to be set accurately onto its foundations.
In June 2015, DLT supported customer on site for the gantry’s first operation by providing mechanical engineer, and structural engineer to inspect the gantry before and during the lifting operation. The first operation of the gantry to rotate, lift, skid, lower and install 360 MT stator was carried out successfully at 2 x 660 MW thermal power project located in Chhabra, Rajasthan, India
DL-GA540 gantry, erected and ready for lifting.540 MT capacity gantry_1
Gantry top equipment for load lifting, lowering, longitudinal & transverse movement and strand jack tilting.gantry_top1
DL-G50 bidirectional anchor.gripper_jack
DL-S588 strand jack tilting with load held at bottom anchor (during testing).strand jack_tilt
Gantry tower top, showing equipment and skid track.Tower Top
Tower Top
DL-GA540 gantry, ready for lowering stator to final position.gantry lifting stator